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Can a Canadian furniture tycoon speed up Portland's bike share?

A Canadian businessman has purchased the troubled supplier of bicycles for Alta Bicycle Share, the Portland-based bike share development company that owns the contract for Portland's, well, future bike share system.

Have a cleantech idea? Get some money to work on it this summer

For the second year, Portland State University is teaming up with Wells Fargo on the Cleantech Challenge, a contest to encourage the development of technologies that address environmental or social problems.

Tiny Houses: $17,000, 2 summers and a fancy shower head (Photos)

For Ian Dorresteyn and James Sterrett, setting out to build a tiny house in Portland was initially about the creative challenge.

What Oregon would look like with 100% renewable energy (Infographic)

If the state of Oregon were powered entirely by renewable energy, what would that mix look like?

Researchers at Stanford University set out to answer that question about all 50 states in a report called The Solutions Project.

Portland State President Wim Wiewel to head climate committee

Portland State University President Wim Wiewel has been tapped to lead a group of university presidents working to address climate change.