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Tesla says 4 states still in the running for $5B battery factory

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said yesterday that the competition for Tesla Motors planned $5 billion electric battery factory might be down to three states.

Americans used more energy, and polluted more, in 2013

Americans used more energy from all sources — renewable, fossil and nuclear — in 2013, and also polluted the air with more carbon dioxide, the first increase in CO2 emissions since 2010.

Hybrid vehicles save more fuel in India, China than in the U.S.

Though hybrid vehicles use about 40 percent less fuel than conventional cars in the United States, those savings are much higher in India and China, research shows.

Larry Ellison plans to grow food on Lanai through aquaponics, hydroponics

Oracle Corp. CEO Larry Ellison, the majority owner of the Hawaiian island of Lanai, plans to build a facility that would house aquaponics and hydroponics sustainable food systems to produce fresh produce and fish for Lanai residents visitors.

New report turns gas on its head: Methane emissions are worse than thought

Just two weeks after President Barack Obama proclaimed natural gas as a bridge fuel in his State of the Union address, a new report suggests it may not be as clean as originally thought.